As a native of Southern Arizona, Alain Hartmann can ensure that you are provided with the best insights to the old adage

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The management of the taxation of real estate has become a critical element for any investor's holding strategy and for maximizing returns. 

As a founding partner in a property tax appeal and consulting business for the past 28 years, Alain Hartmann can help ensure the best results minimizing your tax burden.

A thorough understanding of the impact of a property's current valuation and commensurate taxation is essential when evaluating an investment's net operating income and projected yield. 


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"Under all Is the land" begins a famous real estate preamble.  Vacant land brokerage and investments  are a specialized area of the market.  

Some of the issues required to be addressed in the sale or purchase of land include having legal and physical access, encumbering easement, water and well rights, legal descriptions, topographic limitations, zoning and other entitlement issues.  

A strong understanding and expertise in these areas will help provide the best results  in your land acquisition or disposition of the property. 

Investing in real estate requires a comprehensive understanding of the market area, the product type and a realistic view of your investment capacity. 

Years of experience in the sale of real estate as well as the management and ownership of real property assets, provides us with unique investment analysis expertise and the ability to guide our clients in acquisitions and holding strategies.

A key component to maximizing your real estate investment returns is the quality of the management of the asset. We can evaluate or provide such management services.


From experience, brokerage is a balance of art and science in the understanding of a buyer's and a seller's needs and objectives, while providing the technical expertise and advice to ensure those goals are successfully met.  

Our focus in the brokerage of commercial real estate has evolved from years as a designated broker and manager for closely held investment portfolios and numerous successful closing transactions of commercial properties including office building, shopping and retail centers, mobile home parks, and apartment buildings.

Alain Hartmann

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As a native of Southern Arizona, Alain Hartmann can ensure that you are provided with the best insights to the old adage: "location, location, location".

Commercial real estate should be considered as part of an investment portfolio  Find out more about the opportunities we offer.